Trainer energie-omzetting in een windmolen

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GET220  Trainer energie-omzetting in een windmolen

Trainer die het principe van energie-omzetting in een windturbine duidelijk maakt.

This trainer is used to study how kinetic wind energy is converted into electrical energy.

The experimental plant consists of a wind tunnel and a control unit. The wind tunnel contains a wind power plant in laboratory-scale and an axial fan. A rotor and a generator are the core elements of a wind power plant. The control unit includes the control elements for the axial fan, the storage components for the electrical energy and the electrical consumers.

The axial fan generates the air flow required to set the rotor of the wind power plant in rotational motion. A flow straightener ensures the flow is consistent and low in turbulence. A generator converts the rotor’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy is fed into a stand-alone system that is not connected to the mains grid. A charge controller in an accumulator provides intermediate storage of the electrical energy. The electrical energy can be used by means of an electrical load. There are two bulbs that can be used as consumers. Optionally, it is also possible to connect an external consumer (such as a heater). There is no provision to feed into a public power grid.

The wind velocity is varied by changing the rotational speed of the fan. The following measurements are captured: wind velocity in front of and behind the rotor, speed of the rotor, voltage and current. The measurements are read off digital displays and can simultaneously be transmitted directly to a PC via USB and analysed there using the software included.

A circuit diagram printed on the control unit makes it easy to assign all components within the isolated network.

Alternatively, in order to conduct experiments under real wind conditions, a larger wind power plant can be connected to the control panel. This wind power plant is designed to be set up outside in the open air.

  Brochure ET220 Windenergie trainer
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