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T Gear IO Expander

Productnr.: 10510

€ 1.450,00
excl. btw, excl. levering


Ben je eenmaal los met de T Gear PLC Trainer dan wordt het tijd voor je eigen project. De T Gear IO Expander zorgt er voor dat je voldoende IO hebt om je project waar te maken!


General specs

Dimensions (W x H x D):

251 x 266 x 94 mm


1.57 kg


Body & frontpanel: Anodized aluminium

Required electric power supply:

24V DC min 2A - max 6,3A (use power supply with circuit breaker, fuse or current protection)
We strongly advice to use the designated T Gear power supply

Permissible voltage range:

22V - max 26V DC

Power consumption:

125W at maximum load

Connections and cables
Power supply 24V DC:6 (for input and distribution)Total IO:29 user configurable IO ports,
of which 16 input ports and 13 output ports. *)Total input ports:12 digital input ports:
Digital input 24V (sink): 12
Digital input 5V (sink): 4
Digital input 24V (source): 2
4 analog comparator input ports:
Analog input 0 - 10V: 1
Analog input 0 - 24V: 2
Analog input 0 - 20mA: 1Total digital output ports:12 outputs divided into 3 groups of 4 outputs
Max 1A total for each group, of which usable as:
Digital output 24V (sink or source): 12DAC output port port:4-bit 0 - 15V max 100mAExpansion bus:2 (for connecting T Gear PLC Trainer and HMI)Included test leads:Maximum allowed voltage 26V DC, maximum allowed current 6,3AMaximum cable lengthTo avoid the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMC), we recommend
using test leads with a maximum length of 1 meter. Protection Reverse voltage protection:Yes (electronic)Short-circuit protection digital outputs:Yes (electronic)Short-circuit protection relay outputs:Self resetting fuse and inrush current limiter

*) depending on user configuration.

In the box

1x T Gear IO Expander
1x Blauwe meetkabel
1x Rode meetkabel
1x Zwarte meetkabel
1x Expansion kabel