Trainingspakket zonne-energie advanced

Trainingspakket zonne-energie advanced

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Trainingspakket zonne-energie advanced.

Advanded training set Solar Train on the concepts of solar power production in stand-alone and also grid-tied scenarios.The most important components at a glance:

1x DC 48 V Lamps

1x AC 230 V Lamps

2x 1 AC Energy Meter

1x 48 V Lead-Acid Battery Pack

1x DC 48 V PWM Charge Controller

1x DC 48 V MPPT Charge Controller

1x AC 230 V Power Supply
1x AC 24 V Power Supply

1x 1 AC 230 V Stand-Alone Inverter

1x 1 AC 230 V Grid-Tied Inverter

1x 4-Quadrant Power Supply and Dynamometer Controller...(including Manual and Computer-Based Control)

1x Firmware Function (4Q Power Supply/Dynamometer) Solar Panel Emulator

1x Data Acquisition and Control Interface (including computer-based... Instrumentation for 2x current inputs and 2x voltage inputs)

1x Photovoltaic Systems (Instructor Guide)

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